News: Bumbling our way to a greener life in Los Angeles

Bumbling our way to a greener life in Los Angeles

There have been a few recent developments in Los Angeles that only highlight how dysfunctional the city is when it comes to encouraging their citizens to develop greener habits.

It was Bike to Work Week in Los Angeles. The city provided free bus rides for bikers on May 14. Except a couple of people reported that the bus drivers didn't actually know that they were supposed to give free rides to people.

In an attempt to get Los Angeles to conserve water, sprinklers were limited to being turned on only twice a week. Then it turned out that if the whole city turns on their sprinklers at the same time, this will lead to many, many water main breaks due to the pressure placed on the city's aging pipes. You can check out the LADWP report in this PDF. New watering restrictions have just been approved by the DWP. If approved by the city council, odd-numbered addresses would be limited to watering on Mondays and Thursdays, and even-numbered addresses would be limited to watering on Tuesdays and Fridays.

I'd previously mentioned the Food and Flowers Freedom Act before, which was meant to address an outdated law that barred people from selling food and flowers grown in their own gardens. Well, it looks like it's been approved and just needs to be signed into law by the mayor! People can sell, in addition to herbs and vegetables, fruit, flowers, and other edibles they've grown in their own home. I've got some plenty of figs coming in this year, so we'll see...

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