News: Food and Flowers Freedom Act

Food and Flowers Freedom Act

Food & Flowers Freedom Act in Los Angeles

If you live in any of the residential areas in Los Angeles, you'll know that we love our fruit trees. Did you know that it's not possible to sell the fruit you own at local farmers' markets or to restaurants? New local Silverlake eatery Forage originally accepted food from their neighbors who lived in the area, but was stopped by city health inspectors who informed them that they could only sell produce from certified sources. Meanwhile, Silver Lake Farms owner Tara Kolla has run into several roadblocks trying to sell stuff that is grown from her home - whether it was selling flowers, or food. 

The solution? The Food & Flowers Freedom Act is expected get updated and approved today. Local ordinance language was decades out of date, and referred to "truck gardening" but didn't define what counted as truck gardening, and created confusion about what could or couldn't be sold out of one's home.

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