Forum Thread: Have Gardens in the House but the Trees Are Going to Die? What Is the Reason?

There are few people who live like trees and flowers. But due to the lack of space in this period, many people garden on the roof or small porch. But unaware of the sudden, trees showed that they were dry and die. Do not know the reason. You love most of your leisure time to spend with them. But you probably do not know how to do garden on the roof, special circumstances. Otherwise the trees could die in the absence of care. So, know that some of the rules are for gardening.

Place selection

You have to choose a place where the sun can reach to keep the tree. Whether it's the roof or your favorite balcony. And it should be noted that it does not reach the extra sun, and the first sunrise in the morning, because it is very important for the flower tree, get more information here.

Tab selection

For flowering trees, it will be 6-12 inches or medium sized tub and 10-18 inch tub is required for the fruit tree. But the big tub or small tub will depend on the size of your tree. Remember, there must be an arrangement for water dispersal.

Made of soil

The most suitable soil for the trees is the furrowed soil. Any tree-fiber is the best one. Before planting, the soil should be well filled with fertilizer, rotten cow dung, potato powder. The soil must be sprayed by adding the fertilizer. Do not mix water at this time.


Which type of tree you want to plant depends entirely on you. For him you have to choose the seedling plants. You can buy a tree from a nursery or a flower seller. When taking the tree without notice, whether the seedling plant is healthy enough. And if you buy seeds from the store, you can make a tree without yourself.

Plant care

On the tree every day water will be given regularly. When giving water, keep in mind that if the water does not get dried at the beginning of the plant and the soil is not washed during the water. If there is a tree inside the house then spray water in its leaves. The soil is always wet and will never let dry. At any time, if the tree is tilted down, then it is necessary to tighten a bud or stick with a tree. The fertilizer should be fertilized on the tree because the trees can die if the fertilizer is less than it is. At the beginning of the tree can not be given directly and near fertilizer, it is very far from the beginning of the plant. If you prefer, you can mix dung extract and mix it with soil. If anybody wants, you can make a fertilizer of vegetables or pots or pots made in empty pots, which is also very good for the tree.

For the flowers

What type of flower do you want? Not big or small! In the same way, you have to serve the tree. If you want small flowers, then the trees will be cut short to 20-25 cm from the time of the tree. And if you want big flowers, then some buds will be cut after the bud comes in the tree.

Protection from insect spider

If there is an insect infection in the tree, then the trees, flowers or pulses that have to be removed will be cut off. And spray the soap water on the tree. Only a lot of insect attack can be avoided.

Follow these rules and see if your trees will be lost. But start from today, garden your favorite garden garden.

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