News: Our front yard garden on New Year's Day

Our front yard garden on New Year's Day

These are pictures of our garden, as of New Year's Day. Everything looks different now. The grapevines are coming back, and the oranges have finished their season. Our artichoke, sadly, got trampled and didn't really survive the pollution of the large Station fire. 

(1) Our baby artichoke plant. Unfortunately this year it died due to trampling. , (2) This is our driveway. It's pretty long. (3) Fir trees and pretty flowers. I'm not sure what those flowers are called. (4) Our prickly pear cactus plant. You can eat them and make juice from them. We would if we could figure out how to do it without getting stuck with millions of needles. (5) These bloom into really pretty flowers and you can see them all over Los Angeles. (6) One of our two orange trees.

(1) I think this is the grapefruit tree, but I don't really remember. (2) This is definitely the grapefruit tree. (3) This is the loquat tree. It's now fully in bloom and we can't pick it fast enough. (4) I have no idea what this tree is. It hasn't sprouted leaves for a few years but our parents keep saying it isn't dead. So we keep watering. (5) This is our fig tree. There are way more leaves on it now. (6) This is a plum tree. We keep the CDs on there to distract the birds away so they'll quit stealing our fruit.

This is just the first half of the front yard. As you can see, we have a lot of maintenance to do!

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