How To: How would you design a school garden?

How would you design a school garden?

GOOD, a Los Angeles-based magazine focused on doing good in the world, along with LAUSD, The USDA People's Garden Initiative, The Environmental Media Association, The National Gardening Association, The Urban & Environmental Policy Institute, The California School Garden Network, and Mia Lehrer & Associates, is sponsoring a contest for people to help design a garden for a LAUSD school. GOOD will help build the winning garden design, and they'd like your participation, too. 

I think this is a great idea. School gardens can be an incredible educational learning tool. You can teach everything from geology (soil studies) to chemistry (insecticides) to botany (growing plants) in a garden, and it's more effective than reading from a textbook. Many kids don't have abstract thinking skills yet, and this is a great, concrete way for them to see the results of "A+B=C".

Five designs will be chosen by July 1. 

Via GelatoBaby.

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