Forum Thread: Growing Truffles

Growing Truffles

I am a huge fiend of the truffle. Problem is, it is breaking my bank.

I want truffles in everything I eat: truffle fries, truffles in pasta, truffles on pizza, truffles on fish, etc.

Does anyone know if I can grow truffles in my SoCal backyard garden?

If I can grow them, how do I harvest or find them without a truffle sniffing pig?

Thank you World!


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BTW, I have done some research....

You can definitely grow your own truffles with the help of a truffle tree purchase over $1000 but I am still not sure if this will produce results.

Anyone have first hand experience with DIY truffle growing?

I'd love to hear about where you've purchased your saplings/seedlings and how much patience the process really requires.

Hmm I have to say that I don't really "get" truffles. The taste for me, just doesn't measure up to the price. Anyway, though $1000 sounds like a lot to start with, it'll seem like a great investment once you've got it going and can sell your truffles to local fine dining establishments.

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