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If you have fleas in your home, you are at risk of getting bitten by them anytime, anywhere. Not all people are bitten by fleas but should you be so unlucky, then I have some advice for you on how to get rid of flea bites. Before you start the flea bite treatment, you should make sure first to stop the flea infestation from spreading. After that it's time to get rid of the flea bites and stop the itching and scratching for good.

First you have to clean the area on and around the flea bite with warm soap water. Then you use an antiseptic and put on an icepack to minimize swelling. Anything cold goes really, so use ice cubes or whatever you have in stock. Remember to wrap the ice into something, like a dishcloth. This prevents the skin from getting ice burns. Leave it on for no more than 10 minutes, take a break and then repeat.

You can find products at the drugstore that ease the pain and stop the itching. Tell them about your problem at the store, they will know what to give to you. Most of these products are available without a doctor's prescription and they are safe to use if taken in the described amounts.

Another way is to use antihistamines to get rid of the itching. You should talk to your doctor about which antihistamines to use, as there are different products available that all have their own properties and functions. If you prefer a more natural approach, like myself, see the alternative methods below.

The best and easiest flea bite treatment is to stop scratching your skin, as it can cause an infection. If this happens, then the itching will get worse and there is the risk of getting big, ugly scars.

Alternative flea bite treatment methods

It is well known that Aloe Vera can treat small wounds and burns. What you probably didn't know was that it also has a positive effect on flea bites. If you have a plant, then break off a small part of a leaf and rub it into the bites. You can also buy bottled versions of Aloe Vera gel.

Green tea may also improve the situation. I have not tried this myself, but it is said to have potent skin healing properties if you wash the infected area with it. There are several oils and teas you can try, but you have to experiment with it yourself, as none of these results have been verified by researchers.

As strange as it may sound, some people have also had success with baths of oat meal. Remember that the temperature of the water should be low, as hot water dries your skin out.

How to prevent flea bites

There are several ways you can protect yourself against flea bites and make sure you don't get them. This eliminates flea bite treatment and saves you a lot of time and frustration. One way is to eat lots of garlic. The fleas definitely don't like the taste of it and it will stop them from biting you. If you enjoy garlic as much as I do, getting the required amounts won't be a problem. Remember that everything you eat goes into your bloodlines, and this is a big reason why only some people with certain food habits get bitten by fleas.

Now you know what they hate the taste of, what they don't like the smell of is lemon. If you have something that smells like lemon, then use that. Alternatively you can try rubbing some on your skin. Many strong smells can actually help you in your fight against fleas. If you don't have any lemon at home, you can try using essential oils instead. Lavender, cedar wood and eucalyptus oil should do a great job fending them off. Learn more about how to prevent flea bites.

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